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19 June 2010 @ 02:43 pm
Round Two ☆ Challenge 01 ☆ Results  

Thank you to everyone who voted! Sadly, we have to say goodbye to twp people. Thank you for participating and please stick around for voting and the come-back challenge. :D

A note regarding voting: Since voting turn-out was much less than we hoped, we have decided that participants will be required to vote in order to win People's Choice or Mod's Choice. Voting is integral, and the contest will stagnate if we do not receive enough votes to post the results. However, if you know ahead of time that you'll be out of town or without internet for the voting period of a particular week, let us know when you submit your icon. We understand that things come up now and then.


phyliss_chan [-5]

jcshinoda [+5]

minamoto - Chosen by jackie

thenylonkid - Chosen by mynamelessname

::COMMENTS:: (Find your icon number HERE)
01: (-1)
- Working with small images is difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining contrast within small spaces. Here, particularly in the B&W portions, the face lacks clear definition and really just winds up looking a bit gray-blob-like.

02: (+1) (-1) = 0
+ Creative.
- The textured swirls in the top and side of the picture, are distracting and take the focus away from the subjects of the icon.

03: (-1)
- the top half looks blurry in comparison to the bottom and detracts from the icon overall. as well, the cropping on the bottom focuses more on the table rather than the people and at first glance it's hard to tell what's going on - as a whole the icon is far too busy. the colouring is perhaps a bit too light and the icon might benefit from some more contrast.

04: (-1)
- The image is fairly oversharpened here, which is distracting from the cuteness of the image. It also takes a bit away from any possible dynamic contrast within their faces.

05: (+4)
+ The composition of this icon is great. The texture compliments the subject well without taking away or disrupting visual flow.
+ No comment
+ The composition is very interesting and the coloring goes well with the texture.
+ Fantastic composition and coloring, love the use of textures and effective use of space.

06: (-1)
- The crop comes off as a little awkward, maybe due to the subject tilting his head. The coloring is dull and washed out, especially near the subject's mouth. Try experimenting with different coloring methods that add to the reds and yellows of your icon (which usually affect skin.)

07: (-2)
- While it fits the theme very well, the image is too sharpened and yet the faces look blurred. I can make out some of their expressions, but since the photo is small, it has become pixelated. Maybe a different crop would have done the trick.
- The coloring is a bit harsh and unnatural, making the subjects look sick. Slightly oversharpened, especially around the edges of faces and hair. The text is nice in concept, but the font and color is perhaps a bit overwhelming.

08: (+3)
+ No comment
+ beautifully done!
+ The coloring is bright and fun. The crop is simple, but it flatters the image.

09: (+1)
+ The center crop works very well here.

10: (-5)
- The gradient overlay does not do any good for the subject. The subject is very red on one side, and yellow/green in the other. Maybe different colors in the gradient would have worked better, or a whole different coloring method.
- The heart hands are cute but the yellow texture used is a bit disturbing. It doesn't seem necessary for the icon. A different texture should have been used.
- While the cropping is well done, the colouring makes the subject look washed out and the gradient used on the icon just looks incredibly unnatural. As well, the colours are unflattering overall and clash with each other within the icon.
- The crop is a bit awkward, maybe zooming out a bit would make it fit better. The gradient coloring isn't flattering to the subject, making half of the icon look washed out and the other half over saturated.
- The gradient washes out the subject, making his hand one color and his face another. It's a bit of an odd effect and drags your eye to the upper right hand corner, where there's not anything to look at.

11: (+3)
+ The soft coloring is quite nice; it's also not oversharpened nor too blurry for recognition. Well done!
+ The coloring for this is nice and the photo matches the mood of the icon.
+ The simplicity of this icon makes it stand out - soft colors, simple crop with some negative space thrown in there. Nicely done.

12: no votes

There are ELEVEN participants remaining in Round Two. Only the icon makers that survived Challenge #01 may submit an icon for Challenge #02. The new challenge will be posted soon.
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