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26 June 2010 @ 09:59 pm
Round Two ☆ Challenge 02 ☆ Results  

Voting was reeeeeally close and unfortunately we have to say goodbye to two more people tonight. Thank you for participating and please stick around for voting and the comeback challenge. :)


aures [-5]

happyhapee [-3]

thenylonkid [+2]


ender839 - Chosen by both jackie and mynamelessname

::COMMENTS:: (Find your icon number HERE)
01: (+4)(-3) = +1
+ no comment
+ i LOVE the black/white and the use of the texture! It matches so beautifully with the crop!
+ The texture used fits the atmosphere of the photo well. Nice cropping as well.
+ Really nice use of contrast and a lack thereof. Evokes a very mellow, heartbreaking kind of feeling without any unnecessary text.
- Though the contrast here is sharp, it actually detracts from the image's impact, and leaves the face and jaw looking quite pixellated (and slightly difficult to identify).
- The greyscale of this icon is overcontrasted yet dull, making the subject look flat and lifeless. The cloudy texture makes the icon look washed out.
- The use of the texture is good, but with the overall contrast and brightness, it's a bit difficult to recognize the person on this icon. It also looks a bit grainy, and on the grey hues it doesn't really give a nice outcome.

02: (-3)
- Even though i like the crop, it somehow doesn't match with the use of the texture and the text. I would've been better without the text on it.
- The texture is well-placed, but for some reason, Nino looks entirely washed out and rather poorly colored (as if he were ill).
- The text steals the attention. It would surely have been easier to focus on the main subject if the text wasn't there, or maybe placed differently.

03: (+2)(-3) = -1
+ The text arrangement is great and adds to the overall mood of the icon.
+ No comment
- The composition of this icon is very nice, but the image is over-sharpened, making Nino's face look pixelated.
- The text, the busy background and foreground make the icon seem overcrowded.
- This is a nicely done icon; however, the background is a little too strong for the foreground and subject. It overpowers Nino and the bold text draws your eye up and to the right, away from the focus point of the icon.

04: (+4)(-4) = 0
+ i like the way the texture is used! It looks really cute!
+ The icon is bright and fun. Great use of a center crop.
+ No comment
+ Great use of color (and lack of color) and placement. Amusing and simple without having to be too over-the-top.
- Black and white against such bright colors is daring, however the end product doesn't pull it off. The yellows overpower the black and white. Perhaps if the facial area was colored in, the icon would be totally different.
- the image quality of the floating head contrasts with the quality of the texture. it takes away from what could have been and amusing and decent icon. obviously attention was meant to be drawn to the color yellow but the desaturated face + the high contrast of the whole icon it becomes visually overbearing.
- The center placing of the picture is a bit awkward, especially as the object doesn't have arms and shoulders. The b/w colouring of only the face is kind of distracting.
- The head looks crispy and it's disturbing; it's a bit difficult to focus on it with all the yellow overload too. Maybe a bit less saturation or a bit less yellow would have been better.

05: (+2)(-3) = -1
+ the texture, text, image and the colors come together really well. good job.
+ The crop is interesting and the texture is well-colored to compliment the coloring of the image.
- The contrast between the blue texture and and red coloring is nice, but the subjects look a little too red. The coloring seems to focus on the color hues of skin, and the brown hue in the whites don't help.
- I actually love the use of the texture and the text, but somehow the coloring is a bit off, too blue and yellowish, it would've looked better without the heavy coloring.
- Although the concept is nice, the picture used and the texture don't seem to match.

06: (+1)(-6) = -5
+ no comment
- The icon itself isn't bad, but it seems unfinished. Something just seems to be missing. Maybe a subtle light texture (or any kind of texture) or text could have spruced up the icon.
- The texture is very heavy, which is slightly awkward to say for a light texture; it doesn't leave much room for contrast in the face and body extremities.
- a bit too blurry and washed out. the empty space to the left is just too empty. empty space can be good but combined with the cropping of this icon it turns out awkward. maybe a tighter crop focusing on his face would make it look less unfinished. if not that then perhaps some text. the theme was to use the texture in clear way but opacity of the texture is too faint to see the texture.
- The soft texture makes the subject blurry, overpowering it.
- The image quality is not the best, and the texture used made it look even blurrier.
- The coloring is a bit odd, both washing out and making the subjects' skin way too harsh. The text is lilting a bit to the right and would probably do better straight in the middle, with the centering of the people. The background was well used, but again, washed out from the coloring.

07: (+2)(-4) = -2
+ The second image incorporated into the icon is great. It's subtle enough to notice that it's there, and not too subtle so it can't be seen very well.
+ The contrast on the face is strong and nicely done.
- the texture chosen draws the eyes to the dead center. having his face/body off-center is sort of unsettling since the point where the lines all meet is visible. the texture(?) in the left corner is distracting. on immediate viewing of the icon you look at the center (where the lines meet) then to his face then to the left corner wondering "what is that?". there is just too much going on.
- With the texture and two different images, there's too much going on in this icon. It feels like the texture was just slapped onto fit the challenge requirement. Since everything is greyscale, the eye isn't drawn to one particular element.
- The image is blending into the background/texture making it look like the person is floating in mid air. Maybe more contrast between the bottom part of the picture and background.
- There's a lot of texture going on here. The texture on the left hand side pulls the eye there instead of to Kame. It's also kind of distracting, as I'm spending more time trying to figure out what it is than focusing on the nicely done contrast and color of the icon.

08: (+3)(-1) = +2
+ Wonderful, lovely soft coloring.
+ No comment
+ The texture is used originally, and the subject is still easily recognizable; i also gives a nice atmosphere.
- It's too green and yellow in my opinion. I think it would look better if the colors were a little bit less 'hard'.http://community.livejournal.com/jent_lims/18601.html

There are nine participants remaining in Round Two. Only the icon makers that survived Challenge #02 may submit an icon for Challenge #03. The new challenge will be posted soon.
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Jackiejackie on June 27th, 2010 03:08 am (UTC)
Poo, I really liked the Neener icon (and not juuuust because of my bias >.>).