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25 July 2010 @ 01:03 am

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to two more participants today. Thank you for participating and please stick around for voting. :)


phyliss_chan [-7]

jcshinoda [+5]


Banners will be posted tomorrow after I return home.

::COMMENTS:: (Find your icon number HERE)
01: (-1)(+1) = 0
- Although the texture use is nice, the cropping is a little awkward. A wider, center crop would've been better to see the subject fully and utilize more of the negative space.
+ No comment

02: (-7)
- The icon is really dark, making it hard to see the subjects. Brightening up the icon would have helped tremendously.
- The coloring is really dark for this icon, especially when working with smaller images; maybe a light texture or some more contrast on the faces, especially, would help the audience be able to determine who, exactly, is in the icon.
- The lighting is too dark, and the whole icon is split in half, which causes the eye to draw towards the negative space, unlike the other icons.
- It's quite difficult to see who's on the picture unless you really focus. You should have made it with more contrast.
- This icon is way too dark and could use a bit more contrast. The person up front is hardly visible. There is about a pixels width white line on the top of the icon. I'm not sure if it was purposely put there but when the icon is on a non-white background it'll stick out like a sore thumb. Generally that is a poor-icon -making characteristic.
- The icon is far too dark and it's nearly impossible to make out what the subjects are doing, let alone who they are - it would greatly benefit from lighter colouring. The crop is a little vague, and it's not quite sure what the viewer is supposed to focus on.
- the cropping was okay but the coloring of the icon was too dark. it would be better if it was a little bright so that the message of the icon will be be shown in a better picture.

03: (-4)
- The crop is blurry, and although the concept is good, I think more contrast between the object and background would have been better.
- The background color and main color of the dancer don't go well together.
- The subject placement/cropping is common and predictable. The background and subject's colors do not mesh together. Consider toning down the reds/magentas.
- The icon was cropped well, fitting one of the challenge's theme, but the image looked a bit blurred. The the application of warm color tones on the coloring seemed to be a little heavy as well.

04: (+5)
+ The subject is a little pixelated, but the shadow-like effect works well here.
+ Very creative use of shadows here, and the contrast works well with the coloring
+ No comment
+ No comment
+ No comment

05: (+2)(-2) = 0
+ The texture used really brings attention to the subject.
+ No comment.
- Although the crop, placement and texture use are very nicely done here, the contrast and coloring make the image here very difficult to interpret - there's a whole lot of white going on, which takes away pretty much all the contrast in the lower half of the face.
- Love the lighting effects, but the colouring on the subject washes out his face (and blends it in with his coat), which is unflattering. The icon looks as if it could do with spot sharpening in places as well.

There are SIX people remaining in Round Two! The next challenge will be posted shortly.
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