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12 August 2010 @ 08:55 pm
Round Two ☆ Challenge 08 ☆ Voting  


☆ You must vote for ONE graphic from each category. You do not need to give reasons why, but it's always appreciated. :)
☆ All votes are weighted the same, so the order doesn't matter.
☆ Please note that if we ask you to revise your vote and you do not, your votes will not be counted.
☆ Please base your votes on the merits of icons themselves, and not the people in the icons or by the icon maker you think made the icon.
Participants are NOT required to vote.
☆ You can see the themes at the submission post here.
☆ Vote according to what best represents the theme, not who is on the icon!
☆ You may not vote for your own icon under any circumstances.
☆ ANYONE with an LJ account can vote. HOWEVER - if you are found to have others vote for your icon specifically, you will be banned, THEY will be banned, and your icon will be null and void.
☆ Do not vote for any icon more than once. Doing so will cause your entire vote to be discarded.
☆ Voting will conclude on Saturday, August 14th at NOON CST (UTC -6).
☆ All comments are screened and will remain screened. No one other than the mods will know which icons you voted for.
☆ If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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