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28 December 2009 @ 02:49 pm
Round One ☆ Sign ups  


☆ Please comment with your username here to be signed up for round one! You MUST sign up here, if you would like to participate in round one.
☆ You MUST be a member of AND watching the community. We won't do personal LJ reminders for challenges.
☆ The first challenge will be posted on Sunday, January 3rd and due Thursday, January 14th at NOON CST (UTC -6). After the first round, icons will be due in the same week that the challenge is posted.
☆ Sign ups (AND SKIPS) will be open until the close of the first challenge.
☆ You MUST enter the first challenge or you will be eliminated.
☆ Your comment will be deleted when you've been added to the entrant list.
☆ You can get one more skip by going HERE and promoting the comm! Drop a comment in either post to get your skips! :)
☆ Have fun! XD

15. silver881||
19. hakka_candy|
24. aures|
27. jaimsterr0

##.NAMECH. #
01. kerokerokun0
02. minamoto9
03. bokunosubete4
04. xoxoknlove8
05. gimmick_game4
06. asianized_x6
07. angelchann7
08. esquethetic|
09. foukay0
10. midoriho9
11. yue_akuma6
12. n_y_hsj1
13. midnitexsonata2
14. oneshizuku0
16. scanky_chops4
17. bakushou6
18. fluffinessbuni8
20. happyhapee8
21. ohmyghost6
22. mangosoda2
23. kro_erosit0
25. shardaunei2
26. yamap_oukoku0
28. ayau33
29. amaskuponthesky|
30. ltsukino1
31. mitsubachiii1
32. sakuraihime0
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