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01 August 2010 @ 02:34 pm
Round Two ☆ Challenge 07 ☆ Results  


ender839 [-4]

midoriho [+1]


::COMMENTS:: (Find your icon number HERE)
01: (-3) = -3
- The black border is distracting, and making the text brighter would help bring it out.
- The texture usage is a nice touch, but the bricks(?) to the left are distracting. It seems as if part of the image was erased for the scratchy texture. It would've been better if the texture occupied the whole icon.
- The icon seems to be a bit off balance, with the grainy texture on only one side. The text feels a bit unfinished. Using different fonts within the text could have helped.

02: (+3)(-2) = +1
+ No comment
+ Font goes well with his expression/emotions. Cropping is good as is the text placement.
+ No comment
- The crop is good, but the coloring and text placement don't add much impact to the icon - there's not much contrast in either coloring or text to make the "OMG!" seem like it means anything.
- The icon is slightly grainy, especially since it's cropped so closely on the face. The text is a bit too stark white and is jarring with the rest of the icon

03: (+2)(-4) = -2
+ Overall, a good quality icon - the contrast and coloring are good and the text placement is unique and striking.
+ No comment
- The font is just lackluster and the text placement is not the best. A more dynamic font would be more appealing. This icon without the text is plain so the text should in a way make up for that dullness.
- Though the crop and text go well with the subject, but the icon as a whole is bland. The coloring isn't anything special and there's nothing else going on besides text.
- The crop is nice but the use of the text is a little awkward since it is covering part of his head when there is so much space around him that could have been used.
- The coloring seems dark and dull which makes the white text really stand out and take the focus off the subject.

04: (+2)(-2) = 0
+ No comment
+ Great coloring and text!
- It's awkwardly too light: the text, in particular, is far too light for the background (despite the attempt at a backing gray to set it off a bit), and the figures are a bit washed out in the extremities.
- The icon was not cropped well, as it was for the purpose to put the text in the middle, but the fonts used did not jived well and it is a little unclear in the icon since the color used for the font is white while the background's color is light.

05: (+1)(-5) = -4
+ No comment
- The center placing makes it look kind of awkward, and the image is too sharpened. Placing the text little lower down would have been a better use of space.
- There is a leftover bit of cyan/turquoise at the bottom of the icon. The subject and the texture should blend together more so it doesn't look like a floating person with the torso cut off.
- The typography looks good here, but the image and the background did not seemed to combine together.The way the model was cropped was not perfectly done as it looks sharpened in the corners.
- The icon seems a little sharp, especially on his left side.
- The cutout seems choppy and the color of the backround/text doesn't work well, it would have flowed much better if it was blue like the highlights of his hair.

There are only FOUR participants remaining in Round Two, which means the Final Challenge is next! :O The final challenge will be posted soon!
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