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jent_lims's Journal

A Johnny's Entertainment Last Icon Maker Standing
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LIMS stands for "Last Icon Maker Standing." That means this comm runs one round at a time, each round consisting of several challenges. Each challenge 2-4 people are voted off until there is only one iconmaker remaining. About half way through we'll have a come-back round for those who have been eliminated, as well as anyone who wishes to jump in at that point. :)

☆ You must be a member of the community in order to participate.
☆ In order to participate, you must comment on the SIGN UP post. Sign-ups will be open until submissions for the first challenge are closed. If you miss the sign-up period, you cannot participate until the current round is over.
☆ Unless otherwise stated in the challenge requirements, you can only submit one icon per week. If you do not submit an icon, a skip will be used on your behalf. If you have no skips remaining, you will be eliminated from the current round.
☆ Everyone is granted one skip automatically. You can earn one extra skip by promoting the community pretty much anywhere (with the exception of OTHER people's private journals).
☆ Skips may not be used on the FIRST challenge or the LAST FOUR (semi-finals on).
☆ Comment HERE to receive your skips. You can only get skips until the voting for the first challenge is posted.
☆ All icons must be made following livejournal regulations, with a max of 100 x 100 in pixels and under 40kb in size.
☆ Icons must be newly made for each contest. (They cannot be recycled!)
☆ The icons should not be available for use or shared/publicly available until after voting closes and winners are revealed. Doing so will get you banned from participating in the future.
☆ Do not get friends to vote for you! We want this icontest to be fair.
☆ Don't steal any of the icons made for this icontest! If you would like to use an icon, please ask the maker first.

☆ New challenges will be posted on SUNDAY.
☆ Entries must be submitted by THURSDAY at NOON CST (UTC -6).
☆ Voting will run from THURSDAY to SATURDAY at 8 PM CST (UTC -6), with results posted shortly after the end of the voting period.
☆ There will be awards for both People's Choice and Mod's Choice.
☆ Submit your icons as a comment on the challenge post.
☆ Icons must be submitted in this format:
URL: http://i46.tinypic.com/30i9s0o.jpg
JE member/group in icon: Sakurai Sho & Matsuoka Masahiro

☆ Vote according to what best represents the theme, not who is on the icon!
☆ You cannot vote for your own icons.
☆ ANYONE with an LJ account can vote. HOWEVER - if you are found to have others vote for your icon specifically, you will be banned, THEY will be banned, and your icon will be null and void.
☆ This rule also goes with icons that have been previously posted or are stolen.
☆ Votes need to include TWO points of constructive criticism. This is to help the iconmakers improve their skills.

If we find you breaking or abusing the rules, your icons may be disqualified and you may even be banned from the community WITHOUT NOTICE.

By participating in this icontest, you thereby implicitly state that you have read all of these rules and that you agree with and will abide by them. If you need any clarification, please contact us in THIS POST and ask.


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